“Hot off the press”

That’s what Danielle, the editor and publisher of Queensland Magazines, which publishes The West End Magazine and Highlife Downs Living said when she walked into our section of the office as she slipped the newest publication, Indulge, into my hands.

The first ever edition of the newest magazine! #01 SPRING 14

The first ever edition of the newest magazine! #01 SPRING 14

I couldn’t believe it. The office had been abuzz with lots of activity prior to its launch. I was mostly writing articles or doing some calendar or social media stuff for West End and Highlife  and was quite insulated from the whole Indulge frenzy. Of course, I knew about it but never really got to play a part with it. For the first time in my life, I held a magazine in its first ever edition before any of the public got their hands on it.

The new magazine is beautiful! And I am not saying that because I’m with the team. I looked at it – the text, the colours, the setting, the everything. Keisha, the magazine designer, really did a good job. Sometimes I wish that they’d open up a design intern under Keisha’s wing, because I’d really like to put in some design thoughts.

Anyway. I’m excited! I’ve got two stories to write in the office tomorrow but I better get started now.