This girl is cray

Oh, yes. I do think I am a little bit crazy, especially with how I have packed my schedule. As I sat in my bedroom in a village in Malaysia, I thought to myself that I need to drop a few extra-PhD commitments. Or all of them. I was tossing up between dropping my personal project with some remote possibility of arbitrage, the Food Entrepreneurs of Brisbane blog or alternatively my occasional project that was actually portfolio-building, The West End Magazine.

Well, I have dropped none of them, deciding instead to push on. This weekend was arguably one of the craziest ones I’ve had so far at the intersection of thesis-blog-Magazine.

Thesis: my supervisor gave me feedback on my entire thesis on Friday.

Blog: I sent off a story for review and am anticipating a reply for an interview. Not to mention that I’m supposed to have contacted another entrepreneur for an interview (oops).

Magazine: I took notes to cover three stories. THREE! One was on Saturday morning, and two were on Saturday afternoon. I kid you not, I was out at South Bank for around 6 hours. I have never been out for that long before. I had to be there to cover the story for the Latin Fiesta with a photographer who was assigned with me, Mike Williams. It was so fun! Mike and I wandered around getting shots and taking down notes, enjoying the festivities, and even got VIP passes to The Remix, which happened to be on at the Suncorp Piazza. I cannot tell you how special I felt with that tacky pink wristband that screamed “VIP” all over. Special, so special, like I was a celebrity. While there was a queue to get into this Remix event, Mike and I confidently walked past all of these people, I held up my arm like I was the Queen of England, got a smile from the security guard, and walked in like I was Tyra Banks. It was so cool, I did it again – even if it was just to use the toilet. Oh ho ho… sometimes I amuse myself.

Anyway, so I walked around in this outfit for the whole 7 hours.


One dad even asked me for permission to take a photo with his daughter. Oh yes!!

As if my day wasn’t already crazy enough, my housemate and I made a detour to the Greek Club in West End for coffee. It was great! We even danced on the dance floor (which is really just moving with no real steps) to live Greek music for which we had no idea what the guy was singing about. I am sore, even today.