Backstage at the Cremorne Theatre

Yes, I actually went there!

It was great. I had a morning shift at the Magazine, and then had to leave early to make my way to QPAC so I could meet up for an interview about an upcoming play, called Digital Natives #NoFilter. While I’m used to interviewing food entrepreneurs, this was something completely different.

It’s as different as writing a PhD in law, and then writing a movie review. The tone, the emotion, the feeling, the style, is all different. So I really had no idea what to expect for this interview! I treated it more formally than I would otherwise. Sometimes I can interview food entrepreneurs and they can be quite nervous (not all though). But in this case, I didn’t expect them to be nervous at all, so I figured a more formal approach might be better.

I entered the Stage Door at the Cremorne Theatre, and sat down while I waited for the Publicity Coordinator’s assistant to come pick me up. The people who did their interview before me had run a little late, so the wait took a little longer than expected. We then walked through backstage, which was really interesting. It was set up pretty much for The Lion King production. There was a small cafeteria with hot food and tables and chairs, lots of laminated posters pointing people to different directions. We took a lift up to – presumably – the Cremorne Theatre. It was cosy, dark, probably a little musty, but quite quaint.

I greeted everyone hello, asked my questions. It went pretty well I think. In my mind, I had expected them all to be sitting on chairs in a row, facing me. But our interview was mainly us sitting in two rows of the theatre and chatting. Not overly ergonomic, but when you only have 15 minutes, time flies. Behind me sat the assistant (which I found interesting, since I felt like I was being watched, which I probably was). Towards the end of our interview, some people from the next slot came in with their equipment and began setting up their camera and lights and what not.

Anyway, it was a great day. I’ve never done a media call before so it was quite a good learning experience.

My friend Marina emailed me and asked if I was enjoying living a glamorous life as a magazine writer. Well, so far it’s not glamorous, but it is pretty special. I may not have all the fancy clothes, but hey, I’ve got the opportunities to do stuff. How often can you say to people, “Hi, I’m from the Magazine,” and they smile at you and escort you with “Right this way”?

That’s right. Hardly ever.

I am loving my stint at the Magazine! ❤

(Check out the article I wrote about Digital Natives #NoFilter in the Bylines page)