Conscious Consumption 2014

Perhaps I unwisely slept without setting the alarm, but I genuinely thought that the blinding sunlight would wake me up at the usual 7 am. I did wake up early though, but then after “just another half an hour,” I woke up to find that I had less than an hour to get ready to make my way to Wandering Cooks to meet Georgia (the photographer from the Magazine), chat, and get ready for the interviews.

Yes, today I interviewed a whole bunch of people. It’s my latest food-related assignment with the Magazine, but having the Food Entrepreneurs of Brisbane blog too, I was doubly keen. I suppose to save myself the hassle of typing twice, I’ll just add a link to the article I’ll write this weekend. I will, however, post two photos that Georgia took of me and some people (photo credit to Georgia Hoare Photography)


With Gallery of Modern Art Executive Chef, Josue Lopez


With Hugh Doyle and Ross Jurisich from Stone & Wood Brewing

I must say, after attending these events related to food (recall that I attended the Reel Food Night too; look for it in the Bylines page), I am more interested in the food I put into my mouth. Truly and genuinely.

A while ago, I read about how various chemicals are entering into our bodies and basically not being good. For instance, there is a lot of fire-repellant material in our body from our clothes. Plus, if you use deodorant, that stuff is going into your skin too (which I why I don’t use deodorant; if you ever thought I stank, please forgive me, I do it for health reasons). There was also a talk about lots of different chemicals being found in babies (imagine! But I suppose it doesn’t take much to imagine it these days…). The day was about emphasising the importance of knowing where your food comes from and knowing your farmer/producer.

I think it can be difficult to start doing it in practice, because that pretty much means stop going to the usual supermarkets and instead source food from the markets, which is a pain for someone like me who does not have a car. But eventually, I’ll get there…

p.s. Shout out to Sara Bologna, representative of Slow Food Brisbane, for taking the time to show Georgia and I around the place and introducing us to people.