Team Christmas party

Oh, I’ve waited so long for this. Around 2 weeks ago, I received an invitation in my Magazine email inbox for a Christmas party. I was thrilled! As an intern, I only go into the office one day a week. There are usually one or two other interns there, so I have never met all of them before (there are quite a few of us). The office is usually quite abuzz too; there’s design deadlines, story deadlines, basically everyone is working hard to make sure things are out on time. For three magazines. Print AND online! What that means is that I haven’t really had the chance to socialise with the people there. I do say the occasional hello and how are you, but everyone is usually beavering away doing their own thing.

We met at Depo in West End for the party. What a gorgeous place! This “restobar” is also quite hidden from the main part of the suburb, so it feels like you’ve uncovered a great gem just being there.

I loved the evening. It’s great to see the staff and interns in such a relaxed mode! Everyone was really wonderful too. I spent most the three hours that evening sandwiched between a photographer intern, Adam, and another intern currently working on the social media aspect of things, Tahlia. I especially loved the part where Danielle, our editor/publisher, shared her story of how she came to be involved in the publishing industry. She’s even worked for Vogue! I was impressed. She told us something I had not known before: It doesn’t pay much to work for Vogue, just because so many people want to work there. Makes sense.

Anyway, I should finish breakfast and get back to work. Here is a snap of the evening: