Sweet & Sour

Photo on 18-12-2014 at 10.37 am

Life is like that. It’s sweet and sour.

If life were always so perfect, at some point you might get bored of it. In a society and a century where we have so much of everything – money and possessions – we are in danger of getting bored. Bored, perhaps even to the point of questioning the meaning of your existence. You call out to what appears to you to be a void, hoping that at some point, someone will hear you and answer, and when you don’t hear it, you might feel pushed to the edge and snuff out the fire that is your life.

No, I am not depressed. But I feel that Lana Del Rey’s Summertime Sadness would be more appropriately titled Everytime Sadness to describe the way I feel. It’s hard to feel happy at times when you always feel the weight of something weighing down on your shoulders. For me, it is my thesis (mostly). But the graduate school is not going to find out that I’m depressed over it, because that is just embarrassing.

I do have some good news, however! I went into the Magazine office on Tuesday afternoon where it was just myself, Alana the online manager, Keisha the designer and Alice, one of the writers. I had a great time. Alana showed me the ropes around how to use WordPress for posting on three of our magazines. It was interesting. I finally got to see what some of those buttons mean, what certain strings of code mean and what you paste into them, how to make the post look pretty, the resolution of the photos to use, and so on.

I’m incredibly thrilled that Alana has given me the chance to take on this bigger responsibility. I’ve learned things like “meta” or “SEO,” which is really useful not only for my personal blog but also for a personal venture I hope to go on. Though I’m writing a PhD in Law and Economics, I am hoping that perhaps, by a fortunate stroke of providence, I could get into designing or magazine publishing. I suppose I didn’t imagine I would fall in love with this world until I got into it, almost by accident. I wouldn’t have started then, back in August 2014, if I hadn’t read one of the weekly magazine newsletters to find, in small text, calls for writers.

I’d say it’s Providence, and I am relying on Providence to direct my next move.

Meanwhile, I cannot emphasise how much I am so excited for my bigger role!