Where are my scribblings?!

Photo on 19-12-2014 at 10.18 pm #2

I don’t remember clearly, but possibly sometime late last year or early this year, I scribbled down several feelings I had about this year. Things like “I feel February is going to be an interesting month” or “Something good is going to happen in October.” But for the life of me, I cannot find where I wrote this stuff!

It’s a new tradition, actually. It started in 2012 when I had some feelings about 2013, which more or less materialised as expected. I thought I could do the same for 2014. But how am I supposed to know if I am correct, if I can’t even find my scribblings?! As I write this post, it is 10:53 pm and I am pretty tired. But really, I have to find it. I am pretty sure I wrote it down somewhere…

This year, I have to get serious about many things. For one, I have to start looking for a job. A real job. A job that doesn’t involve just mere personal assistance (sort of what I did a while back), but work that involves colleagues, challenges, and a dynamic office. I am quite seriously considering applying for some magazine internships. Unfortunately I can’t start working immediately next year; I’ll probably have to wait until around mid-May before I start searching.

I saw this ad once about an internship with Dolly Magazine. Dolly. I don’t even read that stuff. I’m actually not a fan of magazines that go on and on about the lives of celebrities. I had this thought. A few months back, I visited this quirky furniture store in West End and on one of the display chests, there was a pile of magazines. On the top was Architectural Digest. Or Architecture something. I recall it was in Spanish, which struck me as slightly odd, but photographs transcend all languages. I was thinking that maybe I could write for magazines that are more lifestyle or more lifestyle and less gossip.

I suppose it is a dream of mine that is slowly developing. Anyway, I had a “vision,” or feeling, or whatever you call it, once where I was in a remote village – possibly Indian – and I was most likely teaching some children English. Of all things! It made me slightly confused and perhaps shook me a little. I had never imagined that I could possibly be in such a situation, since it is just so… unexpected. I guess I have nothing fixed for my future at the moment. I’m still trying to figure out so many things, but I should really think about what I want to do next.

I suppose the “reasonable,” “sensible” thing to do is to apply for an economics-related job but also a magazine gig on the side. And hope that doors open for the latter. OH. I recently discovered some new blogs and sites by these amazingly talented designers/fashion bloggers. Margaret Zhang and Aimee Song. I suppose I admire them because of how beautiful their pictures are, their talent, and perhaps by the very fact of them being Asian, makes me think that perhaps one day I could be like them too. Not exactly like them. I don’t know. I hate flying in planes, and it seems like they do that a lot. I do like posing, however.

Must. find. those. scribblings!