First day of work in the new year

I was incredibly thrilled to get back into the magazine office this afternoon.

Office outfit of the day. It’s actually black and white, so what you see is what you get.

My work today consisted of updating some moving sliders (images on the website’s front page) with photos from our gallery. While it took longer than expected, I had fun trying to figure out how to navigate my way around the various layers of Photoshop and learning how to edit text and change the photo on a page.

Since it’s the new year, there aren’t many stories on the editorial list yet. I’ve been given a tip by a lady I interviewed for my blog about a Yard Party happening on Australia Day. And my manager has assigned that story to me, which I am thrilled about. I love writing about events.

I have found that compared to Monday, Tuesday is a relatively quiet day in the office. Or maybe it’s because its still the first week of the year and the other interns are still on holiday. Anyway. I had fun in the room with just the online magazine manager and the designer. Towards the end of the evening, we were discussing strategies on how to promote the Magazine’s online presence. I’ve been tasked with posting more on Instagram and chatting with people on Twitter. I’ve personally found that Instagram is a great tool for things like fashion. People love following models and celebrities on Instagram and flicking through their feeds for inspiration, for ideas, and just curiosity. I figure that if one day I attempt to break into the fashion publishing industry, they’d want someone who probably has (i) worked in some capacity in fashion and (ii) is a social media whiz.

Which could be me!

One of my ideas is to start snapping street style, keeping an eye out for the best dressed right in the 4101. If that isn’t nailing fashion and social media with one stone, I don’t know what is.