A new art competition

It’s always exciting times at HQ. I arrived at the office at 2 pm as usual yesterday and clocked in my starting time – a new policy for interns. After uploading some calendar events (wow, there are so many things on in February!), I went through social media to like and comment on the pages of others in our news feed.

One of the topics of discussion today was how to get more reader involvement in the Magazine. We were brainstorming a few ideas, including encouraging readers to share their opinions on things to win some movie tickets. I pitched an idea for an annual art/photography competition where entrants compete to submit either a piece of art they have produced or a photo they have interpreted for the 4101 suburbs. The winner would get a half-page or full-page spread of the winning entry in our glossy magazine. I was so thrilled when both the online and editorial managers agreed that it sounded like a good idea, so I pitched the idea to our publisher. She liked it too! So I’m hoping to get involved in getting this competition up and running. I’m really excited to see where it goes. I love design competitions and it’s going to be cool being on the receiving end rather than the competing end this time round.

After the rest of the team headed off at 5 pm, my online manager asked if I could stay back a little later to watch her build some ads for clients. Though my stomach was rumbling by then – only had a potato salad for lunch and some grapes afterwards to avoid eating meat for a day – I was keen to learn. And so I saw how she researched the client’s site to get a feel of how they tend to present their own product/service, including colour schemes, imagery and font. She then made the ad using Photoshop tailored to the client, which will then go into one of the slots allocated for ads in the weekly newsletter.

I find that it tends to be like this. Sometimes, I feel like I could really use those extra hours reading some more papers for my thesis but once I step foot into the office and start working, I feel energised. It’s great to be doing something related to the arts, I feel more at home there than I do in economics or in law. I tend to leave the office feeling much happier than if I had buried my head in some books at home.

Meanwhile, I am getting a little panicky trying to organise a photographer for the Rio Carnaval! All four photographers I had contacted before could not make it, so I am really trying to make something work by this Saturday. In the worst case scenario, I am going to use my own phone camera or alternatively get in touch with one of my friends to take the shots for me.