The West End Magazine’s quarterly art, design + photography competition

This is my baby. I pitched the idea to Alana and Alice, who liked the idea and thankfully, Danielle gave it the green light. And we are now in the second round of competitions!

I am so excited for it! As much as I’d love to participate, I won’t – the usual conflict of interest reasons – but I am loving being part of bringing this idea to fruition and helping to manage the submissions so the team can pick their winner when the time comes.

Anyway, check out the pdf flyer I made for the second round of competitions. I did not choose the photo or the text overlaid on it. Neither did I design the WEM logo, the magazine covers nor the 41<31 logo. But I did get the chance to pick the fonts, do the layout and craft the text for everything else, which I am super thrilled for.

Today Danielle gave me the green light to manage our new Facebook account for Queensland Magazines. This day was just amazing! (not to mention I submitted my PhD thesis yesterday)

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