About Rachel

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Hi! I’m Rachel. Armed with a Bachelor of Economics, followed by an Honours in Economics, I have just submitted my PhD in Law – all at the University of Queensland. Meanwhile, I also write for my blog on food entrepreneurship, Food Entrepreneurs of Brisbane (FEB).

More importantly, I write for Queensland Magazines that publishes The West End MagazineHighlife Magazine and Indulge Magazine. I focus more on the first of the three, writing about people and events in the suburbs of the 4101 postcode in Brisbane, Queensland.

This blog captures my journey with the QM team: attending events, interviewing people, writing articles, posting things on social media and learning the ropes of what goes behind the scenes in the publishing industry. This is something I fell in love with. I was actually on the path of entering into academia, when slowly my heart changed its affections. I have always been interested in the creative arts although never pursued a higher degree in it. Having realised how short life is and that life isn’t just about finding a job to be financially rich, I decided that I was going to take the risk to work hard towards something I actually do like. Admittedly, this is the biggest risk I have ever taken in my life, and I am so excited and determined!

I hope you will enjoy reading about my journey. Say hello and if you are a magazine intern, let me know via a comment and I would love to check out your journey too.

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