Last assignment of the year

By now, the Magazine office is closed. I know the online manager and designer are off on holidays. I’ll be staying in Brisbane over the festive season since I’ve got heaps of work… Continue reading

“You know, it’s not like I want to be famous or anything…”

“You know, it’s not like I want to be famous or anything…” said myself, seldom. I suppose the truth is that it’s always nice to be recognised in some way. A friend of… Continue reading

Where are my scribblings?!

I don’t remember clearly, but possibly sometime late last year or early this year, I scribbled down several feelings I had about this year. Things like “I feel February is going to be… Continue reading

Sweet & Sour

Life is like that. It’s sweet and sour. If life were always so perfect, at some point you might get bored of it. In a society and a century where we have so much… Continue reading

A most interesting evening

So, Jeremy (the publicity coordinator for GlowBored) gave me two tickets to the Digital Natives #nofilter play that I did an interview for. I went with Mehdi, and it was great!

Team Christmas party

Oh, I’ve waited so long for this. Around 2 weeks ago, I received an invitation in my Magazine email inbox for a Christmas party. I was thrilled! As an intern, I only go… Continue reading

Things can sometimes look better in reverse

Or so I think. You know, like when you take photos of yourself on your Macbook using Photo Booth. Sometimes, they just turn out better than if you had used a real camera… Continue reading

Conscious Consumption 2014

Perhaps I unwisely slept without setting the alarm, but I genuinely thought that the blinding sunlight would wake me up at the usual 7 am. I did wake up early though, but then… Continue reading

Backstage at the Cremorne Theatre

Yes, I actually went there! It was great. I had a morning shift at the Magazine, and then had to leave early to make my way to QPAC so I could meet up… Continue reading

Four stories

Well, the posts I had written for The West End Magazine went up a lot faster than I had anticipated. So here is four all at once, with images taken from the Magazine: The Day… Continue reading