Beautiful photos

I came across the below photo while Googling for Frida Kahlo photos, since there was a Latin Fiesta in South Bank last Saturday. I love how magical it looks! Also, this photo was… Continue reading

Role upgrade!

You might think I am a sadist. Well, far from it. But today, the online magazine manager asked me to take on a new role for The West End Magazine’s online media presence. And… Continue reading

This girl is cray

Oh, yes. I do think I am a little bit crazy, especially with how I have packed my schedule. As I sat in my bedroom in a village in Malaysia, I thought to… Continue reading

I feel like I can get more unconscious as I write

You know artists paint and singers write songs to give expression to their thoughts and their feelings? Well, sometimes I feel like when I write, I almost feel unconscious – because the thoughts… Continue reading

“Hot off the press”

That’s what Danielle, the editor and publisher of Queensland Magazines, which publishes The West End Magazine and Highlife Downs Living said when she walked into our section of the office as she slipped the newest publication,… Continue reading

Business opportunities

Today I had lunch with Edgard and Keila, which was nice since I hadn’t seen them in over a month while I was back home for holiday. They shared with me their business… Continue reading

Daniel Hausman

I am reading a book called The Philosophy of Economics by Daniel Hausman. It is a most fascinating book. It’s an anthology that compiles the methodological works of selected big shots in the economic… Continue reading